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Enhance living with real estate. Everything Brandon does is centered around one goal; to help people enhance their lives through selling or buying a home. His team operates with integrity, passion and excellence, and he believes that their success can only come from doing everything they can to help others achieve their goals. Brandon's purpose is to use the skills and resources he has available to him to help others find success in their lives. As a Director at Lakeland Realtors® Association, Technology Specialist and new Agent Mentor at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, Brandon is able to help his current and future customers with any aspect of their real estate needs. 

Services include: Residential Sale & Purchase, Luxury Home Sale & Purchase, Commercial Sale & Purchase, Property Management, Title & Closing Settlement, Mortgage Services, Relocation Services, New Home Construction/ builder relations, Development, Home Warranty, (REO) Real Estate Owned, Insurance, HOA & Condo Management, and Auction.

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